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Rapid SEO Host believes in offering our clients a premium experience at an affordable price. Managing a WordPress site isn’t as simple as keeping the back end free of clutter. Enterprise-level WordPress hosting goes far beyond that.

At Rapid SEO Host, we aim to provide that professional level of hosting so that our clients don’t need to worry about it. Leave the heavy lifting to us!

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Lightning Fast Speed

Rapid SEO Host – Hosting High-Speed Websites With Security

Enterprise-level SEO hosting can be a chore to find, especially hosting that’s affordable and flexible. Rapid SEO Host has a dedication to offering a secure and optimized experience for each of our clients. Solutions should be easy to use, and at Rapid SEO Host, we offer the simplicity of a turnkey solution, idea as SEO hosting for agencies.

We are dedicated to establishing fast loading times for websites as well as an optimized experience for all users of hosted sites. It should be a no-brainer to upgrade to Rapid SEO Host. Among the advantages that we offer include:

Affordable and Flexible

SEO Hosting managed by a professional company, can be expensive. Not in this case, as Rapid SEO Host caters to a wide range of clients and adapts pricing based on their needs.

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Managed SEO Hosting

We manage hosting for your website so that you can relax. We configure advanced WordPress and server-end optimization, giving your users the a fast website experience.

Dedicated Hosting

We ensure that our client sites are running and optimized so that they can rest assured their users are being served.

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Custom WordPress Plug-in Coding

Have a particular need that WordPress doesn’t support? Our in-house coders are adept at creating whatever you need.

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A Secure User Experience

Managed WordPress Hosting doesn’t have to be a painful experience for a business. Many companies opt for an in-house management system for their SEO Hosting, with disastrous results. Rapid SEO Host offers the two most essential elements of managed hosting – security and speed – at an affordable cost. No longer does a business have to suffer through countless hours of SEO optimization to achieve its goals.

With a secure browsing experience that’s optimized both for WordPress and to ensure that the server’s security is impenetrable, we provide clients the perfect balance to security and speed. At Rapid SEO Host, we believe that the users are entitled to a smooth, fast experience. To this end, we offer our clients a unique hosting package that aims to satisfy the business’s needs and adapt to the clientele as necessary.

We don’t think one solution fits everyone – each client’s website should be unique. If you’re ready to experience fast hosting on a managed server that is adaptable in the extreme, then you’ve come to the right place. Contact us today to experience the kind of service you should expect from a professional SEO hosting service.

A Cut Above

Rapid SEO Host believes in offering our clients a premium experience at an affordable price. Managing a WordPress site isn’t as simple as keeping the back end free of clutter.

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Enterprise-level WordPress hosting goes far beyond that. At Rapid SEO Host, we aim to provide that professional level of hosting so that our clients don’t need to worry about it. Leave the heavy lifting to us!

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Different Service Levels That Fit Your Needs

We offer a diverse range of plans to accommodate businesses of all sizes.


Our Starter plan is great for businesses that are just getting up an running and includes your site being hosted on our optimized servers.


The Professional plan comes with basic speed optimizations, a Wordpress plugin audit and entry level SEO & Wordpress optimization.


Our Business plan is for companies in competitive industries and includes advanced Wordpress & SEO optimization and 2 hours of development time each month for website updates.

Advanced Solutions

Our Advanced Solution plan is for companies looking to maximize their online presence and includes a dedicated server, DNS management and onboarding and priority support.

Agency or Freelancer

If you’re a small agency or top-notch freelancer we can put your clients sites on a custom airtight, dedicated platform just for you. Optimization for each site is included. You are also eligible to enroll in our affiliate program, where the more sites you host with us the more you can earn.

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SEO Hosting – What Sets Rapid Apart

SEO Hosting deals with making a page attractive for both users and search engines. Rapid SEO Host deals with several types of optimizations to make our clients’ pages load quicker and smoother.

With the recent upgrades in search engine algorithms, we had to figure out a method of optimizing images while still being attractive for search engine indexers to find web pages. It wasn’t an easy task, but we managed it, creating our proprietary server end optimizations. These optimizations work to make our managed WordPress hosting some of the fastest loading and well-optimized pages that our clients have ever used.

The loading speed of a page is due to several factors, not least of all the images and rich information contained within the page’s back end. Our servers have specialized optimization that allows us to cache these pages for faster loading. When we change or update something, our servers get the new data and save it for easy access by clients. How the server does this is by compressing the image data so that we can transfer it faster, leading to an overall faster load-time for the web page.

Page speed optimization through server end methods has a significant impact on SEO hosting. Google’s search algorithm takes into account the loading time of a page as one of the elements it uses to judge where that site should appear in the search results.

Rapid SEO Host provides an optimized experience for users since we understand that, when it comes to websites, what we say is as important as how we say it. With improved image compression technology located on our server, we can ensure that your users will have a unique user experience that will keep them coming back for more.

As a business, your pages need to cater to every user, regardless of what speed they connect at. Faster is better, especially from a company’s perspective. Server end optimization, as Rapid SEO Host provides, is the ideal solution for dealing with clients that may come from a plethora of different connection speeds.

Server end optimization takes images from their original resolution and size and scales them down to load faster on limited bandwidth. Optimization translates into a faster loading time for your content and more engaging website experience for the user.

It’s possible to do this yourself, of course. However, the time and effort needed to achieve your goals, combined with the amount of trial-and-error SEO has attached to it will cost your business a lot of time and money.

The easiest thing for an enterprise that wants to experience this kind of speedy optimization is to adopt a turnkey solution that’s affordable and easy to use. Contact us today, and let’s help you serve your clients uniquely and engagingly, in a way that won’t waste their precious time waiting for images to load.

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SEO Focused Hosting At An Affordable Price

A true turnkey solution from small business to digital marketing agencies. Our SEO foundation is far superior, our customer support is second to none and we do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. With our hosting plans you wont need a tech guy to help you with your DNS records. We handle them for you.