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Dedicated servers with added layers of security to prevent vulnerabilities associated with standard hosting.

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We take the time to ensure that your web page is optimized for users so that you don’t have to. As a provider of premium SEO hosting for agencies, we offer a few features as standard to our users:

The Use of Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server is one of the best ways a company can seek to protect its user data. In the case of many shared hosting solutions, the security you get is related to what the company is willing to offer you. With a dedicated server, you can include any number of additional security features since this server operates for your business only.

As the only client using the server, it’s unlikely that there will be a breach that involves your business losing data because another company on the same server got sloppy with their security.

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The Pitfalls of Standard Hosting

Managed SEO hosting offers several methods of avoiding the typical problems associated with the security of shared or standard hosting. Primarily, standard hosting runs on top of the infrastructure that is designed for that purpose. Users that invest in standard hosting never get root-level access to the server and are only aware of what’s happening in their segment. If a breach were to occur in another area of the server or a malicious user were to exploit the layer running on top of your serving package, your business could lose its data and not even realize it.

Dedicated servers provide a simple solution to this by offering your business access to the entire server. Rapid SEO Host deals with the security of your data in such a way that it would be impossible for a malicious user to break in and steal it.

Custom Security to Suit your Needs

The reason why dedicated servers are essential to a business is that they can be configured to have increased security in line with what the business needs. Not all companies have the same requirements when it comes to data security. However, as an enterprise, user data security is of the utmost concern. It doesn’t matter if that information is usernames and passwords, or client email addresses. Keeping this data safe builds trust with the client. Once that trust is broken, it is impossible to recover.

Rapid SEO Host takes this responsibility seriously. Our dedicated servers include added layers of security to deter attackers as well as ensure that your data remains out of the hands of unauthorized users. Our dedicated servers ensure that there is as little a surface for hackers to attack as possible, increasing the security of your user data. Want a secure solution for your dedicated SEO hosting? Please take a look at our packages or contact us to customize your own!

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