3 Geeks Combined Forces & Rapid SEO Host Was Born

Unlike Goldilocks and the Three Bears (Goldilocks being the user). She just wanted a good experience (such as a website that loads fast in a secured environment and provides information quickly). We want our client's users to sit in that first chair comfortbly, eat the porridge that is just right and fall asleep in the first bed.

1st Geek

Technologist (real name masked for security purposes) - Solid background in IT and server security, optimization and maintenance. IT career started in 1992. Worked at VP of a Phillips Company for over 12 years. After working for other companies, he opened up his own consulting business which has been successful for over 9 years.

2nd Geek

Jay Hebbar - Extensive WordPress Background in both UI & Development. Jay's career started in 2007. Jay has worked at several marketing & development agencies before he creates his own development company.

3rd Geek

Donnie Strompf - Experienced in Digital Marketing & Project Management. Donnie's career started in September of 2009. Like Jay and our Rapid Technologist, Donnie worked at agencies for close to a decade before building his own brand.

Who We Are

Server Side Optimization

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, haveing a very fast website is one of the most important factors becuase it influences users directly. Search engines want to ensure a fast and secure experiencte for each user. It is a deal breaker for users and search engines.

Our optimizatins are done server end. Instead of a browser needing to load a website and optimizations in a browser, our prcess optimizes the website on the server. This advanced method of optimization will give you a competative advantage over those with standard shared hosting.

Dedicated Hosting
Affordable and Flexible SEO Hosting