Wordpress Hosting

Turnkey web hosting fully tailored for Wordpress. Welcome to Rapid SEO Host.


“How do I get the most out of my Wordpress site?”

If your website uses Wordpress, you have competition. According to estimates, 810 million websites—or approximately 43% of all websites—run on this powerful platform. All that power comes with many moving parts, and if you want your site to actually be seen, it needs to be optimized. 

It’s time to get more from your web host.

At Rapid SEO Host we fully optimize your website to load lightning-fast, and we handle future maintenance. That adds up to an always-on website that can grab more web traffic, get more conversions, and which is constantly monitored to run smoothly.

Running a business has enough challenges. We make sure your website isn’t one of them.


Site Audit & Fixes

Loading speed, page assets & more

We look under the hood and make any necessary adjustments to get your site loading as fast as possible.

Plugin Tailoring

Eliminate bulk & redundancies

Not all plugins are created equal. We determine which of the thousands out there are right for your site.

Secure Servers

Enterprise-level security

Dedicated servers and complete security ensure all stored information and transactions are protected and only visible to you.

We make your website work harder.

Rapid SEO Host can expand your audience and deliver a great user experience.

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Rapid SEO Host Gives Your Website Rocket Fuel

We specialize in pushing your website’s performance to the upper limit.

Load faster.

Studies show that sites that load in a second or less convert at three times the rate of websites that load in 5 seconds. If your site doesn’t perform at that level, you could be losing two-thirds of your potential profits. That’s why Rapid SEO Host focuses on speed: speed that puts your website a step ahead of the competition.

Rank higher.

Not only is speed better for the user, it’s well-established that faster websites tend to rank higher on search engines. But don’t take our word for it: Google itself says site speed affects search engine results. Simply put, faster websites make happier users, and happier users lead to better search engine results—all of which makes your website work better for your business.

Your 24/7 Support Team

Some hosting platforms offer 24/7 support, but that may be all. With Rapid SEO Host, not only will you enjoy consistent and reliable support, but at the Business subscription and above you also receive 2 hours a month of website development time. Rest assured that any changes you need will be taken care of quickly and accurately by our resident experts, with highly responsive communication at every step.

Why is Rapid SEO Host right for my business?

We decided to do things differently than the massive bargain-brand hosts. We give real attention to each of our clients, and get real results from your website.

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